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Golden Age of Florence

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Jenny Carson

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FAH230 Week 6Oct 24 2011The Golden Age of Florence renewed interest in study of some figuresFlorence became cultural center of Europethough officially a republic it was ruled by powerful families They tried to rotate between various families to prevent one from being too powerfullead to tumult in economics and culturethe Mediciwealthy bankers were exiledthen reaccepted bc they carried too much the bulk of Florentinede facto rulers Michelozzo di Bartolommeo attributed to Palazzo MediciRiccardi Florence begun 1446windows later added by Michaelangelo3 levelsrustificationuse of rough stonesgive it a fortress feelan idea of strengthinteriorcourtyardarcade placed on columns similar to ones by Brunelleschi but these columns are heaviertwo sculptures in courtyard of Medici1 Donatello David c 144660 bronze Florencestands triumphant w laurel wreath on hat and by feetbase head of Goliath stands in a contrapposto pose Goliaths beard works around footidealized beautynudity and sensuousnessneoplatonic ideas David represents platonic love as he was the beloved of Godold interpretation that it was a sign of the artists homosexuality does not work because Cosimo would not have had such a suggestive themed sculpture in their backyardwhy can Medicis show this sculpturemaybe just to prove that they can show something so sensual sophisticated taste and knowhowvictory of low over hight the republic over theMedici2 Donatello Judith and Holofernes c 14461460 bronzePalazzo Vecchio Florencecommissioned by Medicis sonalso portrays an allegory of humility overcoming pridefor early visitors to the courtyard of the garden they would see that the Medicis focused on humility
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