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Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Durer: The High Renaissance

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Jenny Carson

FAH230H1 Week 7nd2 half of lectureCopy after Leonardo da Vinci Battle of the Anghiari 150306 destroyed copy after central section by Rubens pen inkchalk put in the room whererepublican leaders gathered to discuss thingsevident that this battle scene was different from the ones we looked at eg Uccellovery vibrant packed w actionCopy after Michaelangelo Battle of casina 150406 destroyed copy of central section by Aristotile da Sangallo grisaille on panelMichaelangelo shows off skill of representing bodies in response to da Vincis horses in the Battle of A scenefigures in interlocking motionda Vinci was a highly valued member of courtda Vinci Deluge c 151419 black chalkfloods signify da Vincis pessimismdrawingextension of creative thought a brainstorming and not just framework for paintinginfluenced Italian methods of creation eg Raphael Michaelangeloreputation as founder of high Renaissance art none of Da Vincis immediate predecessors really adopted his methods but DVs sfumato became influential Michaelangelo Madonna of the Stairs 148992 marbleconvincingly modelled Christ childs backMichaelangelo Bacchus 149697 marbleattempted to imitate antiquenot well received by contemporaries bc its an unorthodox and somewhat not positive representation of the god BacchusMichaealangelo Pieta 1500 marbleinfluenced by Norther European artPieta was a popular subjectpyramid form monumentality of Virgins body helps sustain the size of ChristMichaelangelo Doni Madonna c 1503 panel3 figurescompact designinfluenced by a cartoon version of the Madonna see earlier notesthher placement is quite unusual from other 15 c representations
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