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December 5 Lecture

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Jenny Carson

Ren Art and ArchitectureDecember 5th 2011nal is from the midterm on40 of overall gradeslide ident 8 images 4 minutes stylistic features and cultural and historical aspects of the image what is going on in the world at this timeslide comparison identify in same way stylistic features cultural and historical aspectsessay question there will be 2 questions bring in examples try to use different examples identify works in same way why is this work relevant to the questionfull sentencesknow works on carouselhow the pope used art about their rulership historical aspect9 11room 2135High Renaissance in Venice Cinquecentro Light and Colouradd diagonal elements to animate their conpositionsnew manners of paintinguse of brush strokes that become more expressivevenetian paintings become evocative and ambiguousVenice called itself the more serene republic very wealthywere not well liked got into warsvenice holy roman empire pathacy15091515 war Giorgione Enthroned Madonna with Sts Liberalis 1500brief careerlaid work down for titianstudied under giovanni belinnihard to tell subject matterhis art differs from other works sometimes the mood was more important than the subjecthis style was copiedthis is his only surviving altarpieceshe sits very high which is different from other madonnas enthronedsoft light subtly blended coloursuse glaze to soften formspainted directly on canvas without making many underdrawings uniquely Venetianthe setting isnt logicalreference to war soldiers in the backgroundasking the virgin to intercede during a time of military upheavalhigh renaissance use of pyramid in composition Diagonal elements the banner held by the saint and diagonal movement in her gown as wellGiorgione Tempestuous Landscape with the Soldier and they Gypsy 1505during a storm
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