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November 28 Lecture

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Jenny Carson

Renaissance Art and ArchitectureNovember 28 2011Sacred and Profane in Northern Europe16th Centuryprotestant reformationemergence of new subject matters in painting and woodcutsgenre painting growth of landscape painting popularity of scenes from peasant life TriptychBoschnetherlandish painterpainting is believed to be commissioned by count hendrich the 3rd Had a taste for subjects in witch craft Its not an altarpiece but it does have the format Garden of Earthly Delightscontinuous landscape between the painting but each panel the scene or meaning kind of changes in the left panel we have the garden on eden god the father creating eve not a normal rep of eden deformed rocks in background and strange plants growingstrange fountain and dead center is an owl the owl was a symbol for people who prefer darkness than lightcenter panel we have people who are making love between the creation and noah many imaginative creatures created rep of paradise is falsethe ambiguity is signicant may express confusion over marriage men and woman in scene think they are in paradise but they have really put their lives in dangerlust7 deadly sinsin last panel we see hell emptiness of desires crazy hybrid gure legs are old tree trunks and feet are old boats torso is rotten egg Bosh seems to be a very serious gure disapproved of festivitiesassociated these with the common peopleBosch The Haywain c 15001505left panel garden of eden center haywain we see people pulling a hay wagon they are pulling it towards hell the 7 people pulling it rep the 7 deadly sins The hay rep the vanity and greed of mankind sin and folly often rep in Boschs work negative portrayal of the lower class portrays them as idle he thought that drinking and merrymaking was something that led to poverty he is inuenced by folkloredraws from songs proverbs and popular sayingshe is showing us what not to doMatthias Grunewald Isenheim Altarpiece 1515very talented as a coluristtalented at capturing dramatic movement strong contrast drapery1st viewclosed viewcrucixion sides 2 saints who were associated with plaguest anthony and st sebastiancentral panel 10 x 11 feethugedifferentits night time this is different than the other crucixions that we have seeninclusion of water is an idea of cleansing
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