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November 30 2011 Lecture

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University of Victoria
Jordan Bear

ModernismNovember 30thRetreats from the Modern WorldPapers will be returned at nal examExam Dec 19th blackboard has description of nalexam in noncumulativeonly material since the midtermPaul Gauguin Port de Javel 1876when you think of Gauguin you do not think of a painting like this1876 obviously a very early work very loyal to impressionismPaul Gauguin Vision after the Sermon Jacob Wrestling with the Angel 1888travels to Britain in 1888 paints many pictures of peasants and their livesthinks this is as far away from the modernity of Paristhese ladies are experiencing a vision based on the sermon the priest has just deliveredis it real or is it visible only in their headsthe painting is obviously divided in twoseparates the painting in two worlds The early world and the heavenly worldthe 2 realms that are offered are realms of visible experience and interior belief on the other handGauguin The Yellow Christ 1889made in Britain genuine scene of the crucixion or seeing it as a religious tradition 2 realms not as obvious in this paintingthe peasants again away from the modern Paris Gauguin knowsJavanese dancers illustration LExpoition Universelle 1889illustration from a periodical whole series of events and artifacts and people at this eventGauguin went and was completely entranced by the people and rituals Nothing like the Christian ritual he was used to Gauguin Tahitian Landscape 1888seeking liberation wants to get away from France and its inuencesa very problematic way of doing this is going to one of Frances coloniesG thinks of Tahiti as a way to get back to a more primitive lifewhat he nds are the worst things about ParisIt was the Europethe Europe which I had thought to shake offand that under the aggravating circumstances of colonial snobbism and the imitation grotesque even to the point of caricature of our customs fashions vices and absurdities of civilizationGauguin
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