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Realism and Reality

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Jordan Bear

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FAH245H1 WEEK 6101911Reality Realistic Realismnot on midtermhow does Realism differ from past attempts to represent the world realisticallyparable Pliny tells a story about two paintersZuccheusPirasiuswho thought highly of themselvesto see who would be the greatest painter they held a competition while Zuccheus managed to fool the birds Pirasius fooled Zuccheus into thinking his curtain was realZuccheus was enticed by the possibility of something lying BEHIND that realistic curtain not just the surface beauty of the curtainthtromp doeilto fool the eye reached its apex in 17 c Dutch painting where multiple layers of reality are involved to trick the eye into perceiving realityGerrit Dou SelfPortrait 1650situated in a niche his book leans out of the window label on window ledge is peeling off he leans out of window curtain in front many layers of reality sticking outall of these tricks are outdone when one realizes the curtain is actually just part of the painting alludes to the curtains that hang in front of painting tricks viewers into attempting to pull that curtain overmasterly realismachievementRobert Bechtle 61 Pontiac 1968hyperrealistic paintingsthe desire to make pictures that substitute the real worldtranshistorical a pattern that keeps reemerging however the Realism we look at today is not PART of this traditionthWhat makes 19 c French Realism distinct from these efforts1 SUBJECT MATTERIt is good to descend or rise once more to classes that scarcely ever had the privilege of being studied and put into light by painting the portrait of the worker is worth as much as the portrait of the princeTheophile Thore Realists interested in portraying strata of society that have been excluded from representation2 CONTEMPORANEITYthey do not content themselves with trompe loeil they interpret their era as men who feel it live within them their works are alive because they have taken them from life
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