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Jordan Bear

FAH245 Week 9 Nov 16 2011IMPRESSIONISMMonet Impression Sunrise 1872first painting called impressionistwhile Manet was interested in describing the surface of the canvas 2D or 3D Monet though still relying on illusion of depth movement needs the viewer to step back to see it sense of ephemerality that implicates the WHOLE body of the viewer as viewer steps forth to see rough strokes also steps back to see the whole impressionSo what are the characteristics of Impressionism1Subject matter Specific coherent things they choose to paint2Location Location represented in the painting and where they were made studio out of doors etc3Style 4Speed Made quickly or slowly how do you know5Officialunofficial Institutional placing of these impressionist paintings Were thoriginally put in art institutions at the end of 19 c is the center of these institutionsThe Aesthetic of the Unfinishedwhat is described by the term unfinished Monet La Grenouillre 1869set in a place of recreationoriginally intended to be a sketchprelimhe stopped once he realized the result he hadinformality speed looseness of brushwork the capturing of vast natural phenomena become components of ImpressionismFlandrin Theseus Recognized by his Father 1832shows us what was demanded of formally trained painters as they completed formal works1 etude sketches2 Croquis compositional sketch different parts put together in relation to the space completed3 final hierarchy inscribed in this procedure Compositional sketch is inferior to the final paintingin glorifying the sketch and features associated with it Monet is not just taking the axe to traditional mode of art production but also saying particular features of his sketch resonate with MODERN LIFE in ways finished paintings do notPleinair Painting TechniqueSymbol
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