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Retreats from the Modern World

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University of Toronto St. George
Jordan Bear

FAH245H1 Week 11Nov 28Retreats from the Modern WorldFINAL EXAMnot cumulativewill draw on concepts throughout WHOLE course but dont need to memorize premidterm thingsretreat from the subject matter and the world that had constituted the main interests of both ImpressionistsPostImpressionistsGauguin Port de Javel 1876uncharacteristic of its artist painting represents the placepainting style that he wants to retreat fromGauguin Vision After the Sermon Jacob Wrestling with the Angel 1888visits Breton the most technologically backward region of Francewomen in traditional garbpicture separated into 2 spacesthe apple tree running between them the earthly vs heavenly worldrealms of visible experience vs interior reliefGauguin the Yellow Christ 1889also made in Brittanywere invited to wonder are we looking at a genuine scene of crucifixion of Christ himself or are we seeing the crucifixion as a religious traditionsomething digested and assimilated to traditionJavanese dancers Illustration LExposition Universelle 1889mirrored his fascination in traditions that were removed from the realities of living in modern capital cities and Christendomjuxtaposition of dancers beneath newlyconstructed Eiffel tower reminds him of the limitations he would experience if he stayed in Francegoes to Tahiti thenGauguin Tahitian Landscape 1888this relationship influences the way Gauguin has access to Tahitian life stylesGauguin Tahitian Women on the Beach 1891one woman wears native dress and woman to the right wears colonial dresscolonial wear obscures human body while the woman in native flesh reveals more fleshlooks more comfortable in her own surroundingsrepresents the transition that goes over time from native culture to colonial culturesomething Gauguin would like to undo
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