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Jan 31 lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Jenny Purtle

Lecture 4 13111 Exam Format: East Asia Map Quiz (5 questions) Slide identifications (4 questions for each slide, 10 slides) Definitions: visuality (Michael Baxandall), colonies (Homi Bhabda), nations (Ernest Renan), modernities (Martin Jay) define term, using one visual image to illustrate the definition and making reference to the reading marked with an asterix in the course outline Essay: 2 choices on website must refer to 3 readings and 5 images White clouds, trees of autumn Hashimoto Gaho 1890 o Juxtaposition of 2 styles o Nihonga Japanese painting o Guohua Chinese national painting o Chinese self-strengthening allow them to compete with European art o Japan played a pivotal role in this new area of art free from European control Sea nymphs accompanying the homecoming of Uranashi Tao Yamamoto Hosui 1893 o Yoga Japanese for Western style painting o He travels to Europe and sees Western painting, returns to Japan and sets up an art school o Fisherman saves a turtle that was tormented by children, she was the daughter of the sea god, fisherman is rewarded and taken under the sea for a few moments, when he resurfaces, 300 years have passed and everyone he knows has died holding his old age in his hands o Influenced by French artist Richegrosse Modernity moderness of character or style o Jay notes that modernity is developed by visuality invention of telescope, printing press, etc. Floating Lights
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