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FAH337 #2 January 13, 2014 \\ Artistic competition in early fifteenth-century Florence RIVALRY BETWEEN individuals / corporate / government Florence had a long tradition of rivalry – civic rivalry within and with other states Profit from banking and commerce  provided tax fund for the city Palazzo Vecchio - Governmental part - Built with public funds and good will - Funding came from middle ages (not renaissance) decided the face of the city Rivalry (Sienna) - Cathedral and town hall built around the same time Florence were building theirs - Siena was hit by the black death severely and never recovered (half to 2/3 of the population was wiped out) - Siena cathedral and Palazzo Pubblico Inter-city rivalry Inter-family rivalry - Burial spaces, altar Florence Cathedral - Upkeep and beautification of the churches - Guilds professional/trade union > economic generator - Major guilds – became important vehicle to show their prominence ( civic duty) like corporate sponsorship - Calimala ( Cloth Merchants) South Doors of the Florence Baptistery, by Andrea Pisano - South face - Cost of material: bronze > expensive > strong statement Competition among the arts Competition for a relief panel (gothic quatrefoil format) of the Sacrifice of Isaac - Meanwhile duke of milan attacks Florence (Republic) o Faith in god, city favored by god, symbolized by David (Goliath, defeates the tyranny  duke of milan)
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