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FAH337Lec3 January 20, 2014 Competition Lorenzo Ghiberti > Brunelleschi How to build the dome of Florence Cathedral … Started back in the 1300’s By the end of the 1400… the nave + the drum have been constructed Brunelleschi … proposed revolutionary building structure and scaffolding Double shell dome + specially molded terracotta bricks Competitive spirit in the 15 Century Figurative sculpture revival The equestrian statues Donatello Equestrian Monument to Gattamelata (Erasmo de Narni) Condottieri (mercenary general) - Hired by venetians - First equestrian statue o Patron competing with other military leader (historical presidence) o Artist also competitive - Antiquity > point of reference  Marcus Aurelius  Horses of St. Mark’s  The Regisole of Pavia (destroyed) - Expensive bronze … lots of money went into the statues - Erasmo de Narni paid for part of it > aspiration for himself as a artistic patron - Armor is mixed with gothic and classical style (classical on the top) - Ceremonial armor - Lifesize+Bronze > antiquity > renaissance Cangrande della Scala - Medieval mentality - Chivalric tradition - Rather in battle armor … in gelstine armor - Light hearted vain (benevolent leader) - Marble / limestone Bonino da Campione - Chivalry knight style - Stone statue Verrocchio Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni - Inside the church - Imperial connotation - Political and social implication > imperial dominance rule… did not sit well with the venetian value - Body becomes the vehicle of expression > fierceness Francesco Sforza - Antonio Pollaiuolo o Rearing horse as he tramples over his adversary - Leonardo’s equestrian monument o Court artist o Commissioned for the work o Larger than life size attempt of statue o Artist were increasing encouraged to do more sophisticated
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