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Week 8 February 24 Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael in Florence imitation and rivalry.docx

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Betsy Bennett Purvis

Week 8 February 24 Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael in Florence: imitation and rivalry Readings: • Campbell & Cole, pp. 329-41. • Rona Goffen, "Leonardo," in Renaissance Rivals. Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, London & New Haven 2001, 143-70. [BB] • Giorgio Vasari, "Preface to the Third Part," in Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects, trans. Gaston Du Vere, London, 1912-14, 4, 79-85. [available online at: ] Leonardo; Virgin and Child with StAnne and St John the Baptiste (Burlington cartoon) C. 1500 possibly a later copy or reworking, London National Gallery One of the first works when Leonardo goes to Florence after French defeated Sforza In Milan (he flew Milan after the defeat) Virgin, StAnne, and Jesus interacting with child St John Baptiste : Theme of SantaAnna Metterza Preparatory drawing for an altarpiece for the high altar of Santissima Annunzia in Florence (church designed by Leon BaptistaAlberti, 1469-148) This is a unique subject for an altar piece, those type of very intimate scene are more common in more private piece: Very intimate scene: grand mom, mom, son, cousin. This is a family snapshot, more natural == It embodies the Development of more narrative altar pieces, contrary to iconic It breaks up with the rigidity of medieval image, in a very clever way Beautiful tender gesture, reach the chain of his cousin as he blesses him White and black chalk, study of chiaroscuro, parts are so dark, visual effect, tied the figures together, organic unity of the composition, and gesture and interactions are highlighted thanks to this use of light, Leonardo is changing the technic and approach of painting, this sets Leonardo apart At the end, Leonardo never realized the painting for theAltar piece, Lippi and Perugino did it Filippino Lippi and Pietro Perugino, Descent form t
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