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24 Apr 2012

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Week 12
Art, Honor and Competition in Medicean Florence
Cellini wrote autobiography which details his rivalry with Bandinelli (this week’s reading)
- in this, advises Medici not to let Bandinelli go abroad because he is so “puffed up”
(full of himself, thinks he will give foreign contacts a bad impression of Florence
- Cellini motivated by his hatred for Bandinelli
- later admits to wanting to murder Bandinelli
Vasari discusses another point of view:
- discussed Bandinelli (referred to here by his first name, Baccio) and his destruction
of Michelangelo’s Cascina cartoon
- several motivations of Bandinelli’s destruction offered
- Bandinelli presented as artist of limited skill, and this limitation as the reason for
his animosity
- presented in very negative light
Bandinelli, “St. Peter, 1515
- in Florence cathedral
- Medici-backed
- seen as Medici artist and supporter
- left city in 1525, gaining him political enemies
- aspired to be new Michelangelo in Florence
- however Michelangelo still alive and practicing
- Michelangelo therefore his constant point of contention
- was sculptor, wanted to work with marble, specifically in life size proportions
- here, imitates Donatello’s “St. Mark” (from Orsanmichele, 1411-13)
- posture very similar to Donatello’s work, particularly in arm pose
Bandinelli, “Orpheus and Cerberus”, 1520
- for Medici palace
- model was Donatello’s “David” (which was, in fact, in Medici palace at this time,
therefore works seen as a pair)
- Medici seal (coat of arms) present at sculpture’s base
- Difference between two: material (bronze vs. marble)
“Laocoon”, 1st century
- excavated from Rome
- Vasari discusses all of the artists going to Rome to copy this during the renaissance
Bandinelli’s copy of “Laocoon”, 1520
- meant to be sent to France
- his earliest lifesize work in marble
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