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Lecture 16

AST101 Lecture 16

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Dan Dolderman

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venus vs. earth • not much difference • venus surface – hotter than melting point of lead • placing earth at location of venus = same environment as venus • higher surface temperature = more evaporation of water • water = strong greenhouse gas (absorbs, not a negative feedback cycle such as the carbon cycle) • drain carbon dioxide from atmosphere = cooling back down • above boiling point of water = oceans evaporate atmospheric structure • troposphere = temperature declining • stratosphere = increasing temperature • point 1: ◦ weight of atmosphere above is what leads to atmospheric having pressure (pressure from weight above) ◦ ex. swimming pool = going down = weight of water causes pressure and pain ears • point 2: ◦ sunshine warms the surface of earth (heat cant escape = warms the air = warm air rises) ◦ atmosphere = moving around ◦ individual bits of air = traveling up and down (higher and lower pressure) • point 3: ◦ air = gas ◦ cooling of gas = consequence of conservation of energy ◦ result of air traveling up (high to low pressure = cools off) and down (low to high pressure = heats up) iclicker: • A: what could be heating the uppermost layers of planetary atmospheres? • Q: ultraviolet sunlight earth vs. mars • atmospheric difference – presence of magnetic field • mars use to have magnetic field magnetic field • magnetic field decays over time • surface rocks can hold onto magnetic effect for a long time • 3 ingredients ◦ 1. ◦ 2. up and
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