The Nature of Light

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

The Nature of LightOct 0912How do we perceive lightwe build up our visual world by the combinationof Red Green and blue white light is a mixture of other colours air molecules scatter blue light more than red lightFeatures of Light travel in straight lines comes in different colours reflects off things refracts bends when travelling ex eye glasses interference effects effects waves not particles photo electric effect effects particles not waves light is both a wave and a particle Wavelength distance bw two wave peaks Frequency the number of times per second that a wave vibrates up and down wavespeedwavelengthXfrequency light is an electromagnetic wave it is created by moving electrons and it causes electrons to move its speed is 300000 kms the sky is red when sunsets bc air molecules scatter bluer light more thanredder light light carries energy light moving electrons heats up the energy of light particle photon is proportional to its frequency blue photons carry more energy than red ones visible photons carry barely enough energy to cause chemical changes in yourretinain a plants leaves ultraviolet photons carry enough to break our cells
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