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C Jung

History/Background: In this section of your ISU Essay, you are to research and write about the historical development of your area of law. Look at ancient law (BCE); old English Common Law (17 to 1800s); very old Canadian law (1867 to 1960s); old Canadian law (1960s to 2000). Save the period of 2000 to 2009 for your Legislation and Cases sections. Canada is known for its abundant wildlife resources and there were trade agreements when the foreign settlers had immigrated. Fisheries and the fur trade were common trades within Canada and the Europeans. However it soon became an oppressive issue considering that the amount of wildlife mammals has begun to be extinct. Therefore, the government had developed the Constitutional Act in 1867 which enhanced the wildlife conservation and protection areas. Canada’s abundant wildlife resources have diminished its bird population considering that hunters do not take into account consideration about the outcome of uncontrolled hunting. The act, Birds Conventional Act was established in 1917 which help improve the wildlife in Canada. The prohibited hunting of the wildlife have increased the population and safeguard
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