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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Stage 6: Political Spectrum Environmental damage is on the rise due to large corporations that deposit their waste into bodies of water. Due to the lack of concern from the people and the government regarding the environment non – profitable organizations such as Friends of the Earth (FOE) were developed to raise awareness of environmental damage caused by people . The FOE does not only raise awareness regarding the environment it also opposes the federal government for not 2 fulfilling their duty to promote Canadian citizens to live in a greener society . The three political parties have three different approaches regarding this issue. The left wing which is the NDP favours the society and wants a greener environment. The Liberal party wants to promote a greener society; however, the cost of constructing an eco-friendly environment repudiates the idea of promoting more awareness . Due to the high cost in assembling a greener environment, the Liberals favour the right wing which is the Conservative party, who are more concerned about developing Canada’s economy. The Conservative wants a stronger economy and limits the investment made in promoting awareness of an eco-friendly environment. It instead focuses more on criminalizing unethical issues and keeps environmental protection to a minimal. 1 Friends Of The Earth. "Friends Of The Earth - A Canadian Environmental Charity." Friends Of The Earth - A Canadian Environmental Charity. Friends Of The Earth Canada, n.d. Web. 22 May 2012. . 3 Radford, S. The Liberal Party :: The Environment, Energy and Resources. The Liberal Party :: Welcome. Retrieved May 28, 2012, from http://www.liberal.org.uk/policies/ementon Conservatives claimed that “Canadians should develop the wealth of our natural resources in a sustainable manner.Canadians agree that companies should take responsibility for their impact on the environment. They understand it shouldn’t be taxpayers, nor our children and future generations, who are stuck with the bill for a mess they inherited. In short, Canadians believe polluters should pay .” Therefore, the Conservatives are more concerned in developing our economy and sustaining natural resource to make money. They also agree on punishing individuals or companies who abuse the law however that is not their ultimate intention. The NDP party focuses more on satisfying the society and its needs to protect the society from harmful environmental disasters. The Conservatives have minimal interest in constructing an eco-friendly environment therefore; the NDP opposes the Conservative by protesting a bill to 5 regarding their budget in the development of the environment . The NDP protest the Conservatives state that they are money driven and do not consider the environmental damage that has occurred. They will have to face this as a consequence of their action. The NDP created an environmental campaign initiating an advertisement to protest the Conservative regarding the lack in enforcing environmental law. The NDP a lenient political party and considers what the people want rather than focusing on their own ambitions. Their decisions are proactive and want the best for the community. Therefore, t
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