September 20

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

150 bill ly is relatively close in terms of the universestars balls of plasma which produce energy by nuclear fusion plasmasuperheated gas superheated so electrons float around freely produces a lot of energy in its coreplanets rocky mercury venus earth and mars terrestrial icy uranus and neptune really cold in the centerice giants gassy actually balls of liquid Saturn and Jupiterjovians from our solar system and dont produce much energyplanet 1 planets orbit stars directly not other planets2planets must be massive enough for their own gravity t compress them into spherical shapes3planets must have cleared their orbits that is there cant be a lot of other stuff orbiting the parent star in orbits very similar to the planetin Plutos orbit theres a lot of cometsPlutos a dwarf planet not based on size but clarity of orbitCeres Makemake Haumea
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