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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

November 28, 2013. Lecture 21 - Extrasolar Planets: Radial Velocity Method • Smaller solar systems are easier to find • 246 Earth-like planets discovered (in size) • Careful study of light curves can indicate temperatures of planets Radial Velocity Method • Also the Doppler Method or the Wobble Method • Kepler’s First Law is a liiiittle bit wrong; planets do not orbit stars o The part that is wrong is that there is one focal point o Truth is, planets and stars orbit their common centre of mass (CCM) o Common Centre of Mass: with one star; extremely close to the centre of the planet; results in the star wobbling a bit • If we observe an exoplanets orbit edge-on, what will the star appear to be doing from our perspective? o Moving from left to rightAND moving away and toward us o Th
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