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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

AST101 Lecture November 15, 2012 - small objects in the solar system: rings, asteroids, meteorites, the Kuiper belt - evidence that the solar system was born in a star cluster Ring Systems - ring systems typically have many gaps - some of these gap are made by "shepherd moons" - moons that are traveling around Saturn and keeping the rings in place ▯ - Kepler's 3rd law implies that closer-in orbits go faster... ▯ - moon passes outer ring particles, pulling them forward. This moves them out ▯ - inner ring particles pass the moon, and get pulled backwards. This moves them in. ▯ - this causes the particles to move away from the moon, and to create a gap between them - Some of the gaps come from orbital resonances with mons ▯ - e.g. for every one rotation of Mimas, there are two of the Huygens gap ▯ - every time the two line up, the gravity is strongest between them and there is a little "tug" ▯ - giving the particle a kick at the same time in its orbit will result in a more elliptical orbit for the particle ▯ - when they're on ellipses, they will hit other particles and end up somewhere else. This results
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