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Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Michael Reid

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AST101 - The Sun and its Neighbors Lecture October 26th 2012 How do craters form? - things orbit the sun and collide with each other at speeds of 10-30 kilometers per second - fast enough to vaporize some rock and make an explosion - so craters tend to be round - larger impacts can produce shock waves which rebound off the planets' interior layers and thrust up the crater's centre, making a central peak or terraces Shaping Planet Surfaces: what can erase craters? - erosion (water, sand, wind, etc.) - plate tectonics - movement of the continents - active geology - volcanoes and volcanism Should we worry about impacts? - dunno - Active geology - Earth and Venus - Inactive geology - Mars, Mercury, and the Moon Heat - 3 ways in, 3 ways out - where does heat come from that keeps planets warm and moving and relatively liquid in the interior?
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