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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Ast101 Tutorial November 21, 2012 Orbital Resonances - resonance is when things line up - when bodies are lined up, the distance between them is minimized. This means that the gravity between them is stronger - at the points where these bodies line up, the interactions between them are maximized - resonances can be stable or unstable - e.g. unstable resonance: gaps in Saturn's rings - 1:2:4 will be in resonance, 1:2.5:6.7 will not - they must be integer ratios - Io's orbit is elliptical. When it is closer to Jupiter, the gravity between the two is stronger and therefore it has larger tidal bulges ▯ - this heats the inside of Io ▯ - the heating comes from friction inside Io ▯ - this warm interior allows surface activity to occur ▯ - e.g. Io has many volcanoes ▯ - therefore it has a young surface - Callisto does not have this tidal heating, and therefore has an older surface and many craters - resonances are cases where there is enhanced gravitational influence between bodies. Objects can experience tidal heating from elliptical orbits, and can create gaps (in rings, asteroid belts, etc.) The Sun - a star born in a molecular gas cloud that collapsed and due to self-gravity compressed itself to become a proto-star - the centre heats up to the point where nuclear
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