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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Part AWhich of the following statements best describes the general pattern of composition among the four jovian planets Hint A1Major categories of ingredients in planetary compositionThe following table shows the four major categories of ingredient that were present in the solar nebula and from which planets are made Note that these categories are abbreviated in Figure 1 as H He for hydrogen and helium gas and H compounds for hydrogen compounds ANSWERJupiter is made mostly of hydrogen Saturn is made mostly of helium Uranus is made mostly of hydrogen compounds and Neptune is made mostly of rock Jupiter is made mostly of hydrogen and helium while the other three jovian planets are made mostly of hydrogen compoundsJupiter and Saturn have compositions that are fairly different from the compositions of Uranus and Neptune All four planets have essentially the same composition CorrectJupiter and Saturn are made mostly of hydrogen and helium while Uranus and Neptune are primarily made of hydrogen compounds such as water HO methane CH and ammonia NH 243Part BLook at the densities of the jovian planets given in Figure 1 Which of the following statements best describes
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