7.3 Spacecraft Exploration of the Solar System

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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics

7.3 Spacecraft Exploration of the Solar System -robotic spacecraft -operate primarily with preprogrammed instructions -robotic missions falls into 4 major categories -Flyby: a spacecraft on a flyby goes past a world just once and then continues on its way -Orbiter: an orbiter is a spacecraft that orbits the world it is studying, allowing longer-term study during its repeated orbits -Lander or probe9K08085,.0.7,19,7008LJ3094O,343,5O,30988:71,.047574-0,5O,3098 atmosphere by flying through it. Some landers carry rovers to explore wider regions -sample return mission: a sample return mission requires a spacecraft designed to return to Earth carrying a sample of the world it has studied.8il -choice of spacecraft depends on scientific objectives and cost Flyby -cheaper than other missions because it is less expensive to launch into space -launch costs depend largely on weight and onboard fuel is a significant part of that weight -but once a spacecraft is on its way, the lack or friction or air drag in space means that It can maintain its orbital trajectory through the solar system without using any fuel -fuel is only needed when changing from one trajectory (orbit) to another -but this can be made for free by taking advantage of the gravity of other planets (gravitational slingshot) -only offers a short period of close up study -but can provide valuable scientific information -4,J07K0O50L8.4;07-:5L90787L3J8,3O0,73,-4:99K07L3J841$,9:73&7,3:8,3
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