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Astronomy & Astrophysics

Ast lec 1AST2S1 astrobiologyRelative distance o Where are we when listing our address it starts with a numberis the smallest same in location Our address earth solar system milky way galaxy member of group of3031 largest is the andromia galaxy ours is relatively small local group local super cluster universe o Relative sizes terestial planets are mercury mars venus earth all made of rock earth is the biggest Uranus Neptune Saturn Jupiter 10 earths across to make the diameter of Jupiter is so big is it could turn into a star 10 earths across the sun but our sun is a low mass star o Relative sizes of galaxies 200 billion stars in a galaxy in virgo A the biggest there are a few this big o Relative distances now on slides next nearest star is in ajax from lecture hall what can you conclude about the distances btwns tars and distances btw galaxies galaxies are relavtively close to each other thechances of two galaxies colliding is probable stars are far from each other depending on the sizeCommon distance units used in astro o The astronomical unit AU ppl often say jupitar is 5 AU means the distance btwn jupitar and sun is 5 times the distance of the earth and sun earth orbit is not perfectly circle but are talking about average so aver
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