AST101 Lecture 6 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Dan Dolderman

Week 3 – Lecture 6 Thurs. Sept. 27/12. • Phases of the Moon (starts at top and goes counterclockwise) ◦ first – new moon ◦ second – waxing crescent (1/4 right side showing) ◦ third – first quarter (half of the right side showing) ◦ fourth – waxing gibbous (3/4 right side showing) ◦ fifth – full moon ◦ sixth – waning gibbous (3/4 left side showing) ◦ seventh – last quarter (half of left side showing) ◦ eight – wanning crescent (1/4 left side showing) ◦ nine – new moon (repeat) • left side = shade, right side = lite (sun ray entering this side) (lite and shade side NEVER changes) • earths rotation moving counterclockwise • moons orbit is counterclockwise • Moon phase (imagine as a clock) ◦ 12 = first quarter (directly above earth = able to see the right of lit side) ◦ 11 = waxing gibbous (lit side still facing us) ◦ 9 = full (lite side is directly in front of earth's rotation) ◦ 7:30 = waning gibbous ◦ 6 = third quarter (directly below earth = able to see the left side) ◦ 4:30 = waning cresent (shaded side facing us) ◦ 3 = new moon (directly in front of the sun with lit side facing the earth) ◦ 2 = waxing crescent • (clicker quiz) how long does it take the 1 quarter moon to become full? About
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