AST101 Lecture 13

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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Dan Dolderman

Week 7 – Lecture 13 Tues. Oct. 23/12. • nebular theory – created by the collapse of a dense region (molecular cloud) • dust in the gas (in between the stars) it keeps us from seeing the rest of the galaxy • inner is warmer - warmed by compression of the gas on its way to the sun and from the light of the newborn sun • frost line – where ice can exist • most of the mass is the gas (hydrogen and helium) • terrestrial planet formation ◦ frost line – inside the orbit of jupiter (outside of jupiter is ice) ◦ dust stick to other dust (even rocks stick together) – if you put dust grains outside to float they will eventually stick to the size of a pebble ◦ run away growth – growing from small to large – mountain sized rocks have gravity strong enough that it starts to pull ◦ when a rock is big enough gravity pulls it into a sphere (spherical rocks are larger than bulgy ones) • first phase – many small rocks and their orbits intersect with one another • second phase – clearing their zones by colliding with one another (mutual gravity helps to pull them together) • third phase - all the collisions (billion of years) – system of planets that go around in the same orbit so that their orbit don't cross one another, orbit is stabl
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