AST101 Lecture 15

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Dan Dolderman

interiors and atmospheres of the terrestrial planets clicker quiz • Q: a small potato and large potato in oven for 40 minutes, which cools faster? • A: small potato – cooks faster and cools faster (release heat rapidly) earth and venus - thin crust on outside, large molten magma mantles mars, mercury, moon - thick lithosphere (does not undergo plate tectonics) aging planets • bigger or younger planet = geologically active moon's dark spots • dark because moon use to have thin lithosphere (impacts smashed the lithosphere) • younger planet = thin lithosphere iclicker quiz • Q: an earth mass planet was found and it orbits closer to its start than earth, if its the same age as earth, you'd expect it to have: • A: about the same number of volcanoes as earth iclicker quiz • where do our atmosphere and oceans come from? • Q: Which of these is NOT a source? • A: earth's gravity pulling in gas from the solar nebula ◦ earth is not big enough, not e
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