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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stephen Reid

ASTRONOMY LECTURE 4 1) Vaccum: The absence of stuff. – Light will always travel through that vaccum .(light always travels at same speed) 2) Wavelength: Distinguishes different colors of light – blue(short) Red(long) 3) WAVELENGTH IS OPPOSITE OF FREQEUNCY( so if gama rays have very high wavelengths they have very low frequency) 4) Frequency: (Red- lower frequiency) (Blue-higher freweuency) 5) White : Not a visible color. - grey, pink, brown (NO COLOR) – 6) Black: Absence of all light. 7) Colour is not part -of nature- it is a human brain thing. Brain makes colours. We make up these colours- they are not intrinsic to nature. All these colours are not true colours- they are merely mixes in colours 8) WE CANNOT SEE INFRARED COLOURS SO WE MAKE UP A COLOUR THAT IS INFRARED LIGHT. 9) Light: Can have any length wavelength. 10) Near Infrared: close to visible light 11) Far Infrared: far from visible light. 12) We see visible light, but bees see ultraviolet light. (we cannot usually see the violet colour) 13) If radio waves are a form of light, how do we hear the sound? - Radio waves carry signals. It is a form of light we use them to send (Form of light used to transmit informati
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