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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stephen Reid

LECTURE 5 1. 10^1 , 10^2, 10^3 (The more the number goes up, he further it is): Like 10^50 is farther than 10^1 . in meters IN OTHER WORDS THE HIGHER THE NUMBER OF THE LIGHT YEARS IS THE FURTHER IT IS FROM EARTH (like 100 light years is father than 10 light years) 2. Earth is 10^8 from skies to the ground. 3. When it goes 10^-1 (negatives than it goes under the ground, the mud, and even below that, they go to like less than centimeters – MICRONS) 4. So basically 1 micron = 10^-6 meters.  DENSE OBJECTS: (gas, liquid, or solid) o -i.e sun is a dense gas (broad range of things) o -I.e planets(Jupiter), comets, sun, Ice(solid, is dense), human being(dense). o -Dense objects emit light in a very weird way- they have their atoms packed together, so they don’t act like individual atoms. – they are in groups. (a hydrogen atom in group– for example will take a lot of colors, but will only emit little of every color) o -DENSE OBJECTS EMIT SOME OF EVERY COLOUR (continuous spectrum – with no gas) All dense objects omit lights in a parabola. (we call this continuous spectrum) THIS PARTICULAR CONTUNOUS SPECTRUM IS EMITTED BY DENSE OBJECTS IS CALLED A BLACKBODY SPECTRUM) -DENSE OBJECTS : Every dense objects emit light, very much like a blackbody spectrum. - HUMANS : (humans emit electra-red light, but also some of every other type of lights, like gama lights, ultraviolet lights) – The more space you take up, the more light you give out. - The higher you are from the space the hotter it will be, like the sun- super hot - If a spectrum gives out a straight line, than it is not a blackbody spectrum - AS A blackbody gets hotter, it emits more light at shorter wavelengths. (infra-red -star 3000K
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