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AST201H1 Lecture Notes - Helium Flash, Low Mass, Thermostat

Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Michael Reid

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2/28/2013 1:36:00 PM
B68: Made of dust and gas
As it shrinks, it concentrates its energy, it heats up.
Spins faster and faster, flattening out into a disk shape, called
protostar( process of becoming a star)
They activate bipolar jets, funneled towards mag. Poles of the star.
Black ovals are dust, fuzzy background is the orion nebula itself.
Face on- jet coming towards you, so cannot be seen.
Edge on- tilted 90 degrees, u can see jets coming out.
o Start off with something big and cold.
o Enters the HR diagram as a red large obect., bighter since it
has more surface area.
o Fusion ignite in the core, zams initial phase in the stars
o Its easy to produce small stars.
o When protostar heads towards main sequence, it gets dimmer
o Blue stars in the main sequence are much brighter, so red
stars cannot be seen as much.
o Gas has been pushed away by the light of the stars.
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