Lecture 2, Physics and the Universe Gravity, heliocentric system, atomic spectra, composition of the universe

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
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Harald Pfeiffer

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PhysicsCopernicus heliocentric systemKepler ellipsesGalileo telescope confirms CopernicusNewton theory of gravity explains all planetary motionsFGM1M2d2Einstein concept of spacetime Waveparticle duality of lightAtomic spectraelectromagnetic radiation allows us to characterize each element and moleculefind out what the sun is made ofspeed of light c300 000 kms highest possible velocityThe UniverseSolar SystemOort cloud Kuiper belt are found beyond the nine planetsextrasolar planets are difficult to findEarthMoon distance 13 light secondsEarthSun distance 8 light minutesNeptune the last 8th planet 4 light hoursThe Oort comet cloud extends to about a light weekThe nearest star 4 light yearsParallax method of Distance Determinationtiny angle q and 1 AU as the distance from Sun to E
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