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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Susan Pfieffer

AST251 JANUARY 23 2012 Spectral lines tell us how things moveFrom big Bang to how the earth formed Essay topicsLightyear distance nearby100000 how much more is 1billion bd Spectra light cut up into different colours each element characteristic lines overall spectrum m to nmDistance astonishing small tones of lines spectra so important two spectra next to each other utterly identical except distant galazies slightly higher wavelenghth red redshiftedDoppler effect compressing the waves if observer is standing still rest move same speed front and back identical and frequency will be same no matter where u are the same with a moving train toward you wave emitted then moves before it has reached you closer together wavelength short and frequency greater works for sound worksfor lightSame picture but is reversed blue towards blueshiftHubble law hubble measured redsh
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