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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Susan Pfieffer

AST251 JANUARY 30 2012 ESSAY TOPICS EXTINCTION DOCUMENTATION BIAS MICROBORIAL VS LARGE LIFE EXTINCTIONS DIFFERECNCES IN THEEXTINCTIONS LOCATIONS SIZE SCOPE ETC HOW THEY EFFECTED EVOLUTION ETC PLANET HUNTING RESEARCH WAYS IN WHICH RESEARHING AND IMPICATIONS OF EXTRA SOLAR LIFE BACK IN 80S 1 AND 2 PLANETS A YEAR GOOD NOW 2011 200 PLANETS IN 2011 ALONE TONS OF INFO ON EXO PLANETS DUE TO KEPLER SPACE TELE SPACE OF SKY WATCH STARS FOR TRANSIT EVENTS COULD BE LIKE EARTH MOONS OF PLANETS Snowball earthIn the news search for aliens in on again now getting moneyHadeon eon hellish first of 4 subdivions of history of earth Hadeon record preserved in the moon high regions craters and the black is molten lava floding the craters high land craters marianas are lavas 38 billion yeas the moon surface undisturbed not just moon but mercury does as well heave bombardent stageMoon formed after earth formed and crashed off material which condensed moon quite similar to mantle of earth therefore earth differentiatedHighlands 4 billion and lowlands are 38 gyr all heavy bombardent were earlier in this 5 billion years stats of craters after life has been fairly quite impacts killed all life on earth impacts transplanted more water onto earthStructure of the earthIn solid outer liquid core mantle largest volume mostly solid rock but bc temp and pressure much less vicous in lower then middle hot material rising and cooler going downcrust lithosphere igneous rock basalt and graphite very thinInternal structure just different view separation due to density is bc of differention 44 gyrDifferntioin happens quckly bc moon formed took away large mantle without metals earth already differentiated almost entirely moltenDifferention on all bodies in solar system to heat earth 3 types of energy first 2 only in early heavy sinling losing potential energy and transforming into heat no more motion and no more energyRad decay is still active todayAll rad elements decay in certain period and only half left over decay diminished some decay quick some much longer so only small amount has decayed so energy is same as it was initially
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