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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Susan Pfieffer

AST251 FEBUARY 6 2012 Today characteristics of life on earth to inform use where to look for life 2 hr and mc and sa sz MC254 161 TUTORIALS TUESDAY 4 AB105CODYAttributes of lifeDefining life is complicatedWhat life should have key words necessary and sufficient water is necessary for life Just having order isnt enough not sufficient crystals have order but not lifeContdOrder always come in size with certain structure Another defining attribute is reproduction key feautures is pass on properties of parent to offspring exemptions to the rule mule but mules are sterile so violate reproduction criteria and therefore hard to define life Growth and developmentGrowth All life consumes and ultilizes energy need to eat energy can come from weird locations tube worms life from bacteria inside them and they live by H2SResponse to environment And evolutionary adaptationEvolutionary adaptationKey in explaining diversity and realtions Whales descended from other mammals before them Theories and of evolutionStarted with the greeeksAnz vs Aristotle who said life did not changeLamarck challenged Christian view noted similarities of fossil to livng species got details wrong Mendel genetics experimentallyDarwin created consistent theory of evolution 1 to 2 decades after trips around the world Evo fact and theoryLife forms change throughout geological record simply a fact supported before and after Darwin
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