BIO120H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Immunoglobulin Light Chain, Copii, Glycolipid

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2 Feb 2013
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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Our continuation in the theme of movement within the cell we"ve been looking at how proteins can move to different compartments in the cell & we looked at gated transport, transmembrane transport into the. We started out looking at what the membranes in a cell looks like the lipids & the proteins & we looked at how these membranes are selectively permeable to certain molecules. We looked at how small molecules can be transported by these transporter proteins or these channels in order to move from one compartment to another or into and out of the cell. Then we also looked at how proteins are sorted to the nucleus by gated transport, to the er by transmembrane transport, to the mitochondria. Today, we"re going to look at how proteins are transported by vesicle trafficking. This is a continuation of what goes on in the er. **don"t need to know the structures of these lipids**