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18 Apr 2012
Last Thompson lec
2 more sessions in how to do well in bio 120. Wed 5:00 ES1050
species interactions in subalpine meadows
Distribution and abundance ( straight ecology)
Subalpine zone, has plant erythronium grandiflorum
-concentrated in rocky areas. Not deep soil
- look at biology for reasoning:
a) half plant under ground, in winter all of it underground. In winter, the nutrient
from above withers down back into bulb or corm
- if thy have enough nutritiona dn pollinations, they can get big seeds
- measured how far seeds went. Each packet of seeds at different hights were
colored differently
- majority of seeds dispersed at .20 m
what about secondary seed dispersal by ants?
-structure called elaisome. Curled up dunce cap. Has noting to do with nutrition or
how well it can grow. This structure is nutritious and is very attractive to ants.
When an ant finds a seed with an eliasome, they take them back to nest, eliasome is
eaton and seed is considered trash. The seed has then been dispersed.
Seed germination experiments
1rock leeds to desiccation, drying out. Thin layer in rocks exposes seeds to more
drying out. Deep soil holds water better
4 treatment combination factorial design
1) buried, rich organic soil’
2) exposed organic
3) buried gravol
4) exposed gravol
buried organic and exposed organic did well
longlived ieroparous grows as a vegetative plant for years before flowering. Takes a
while. As they grow they store starch as form of nurtrient in corm. Seed desiccation
adaptive explanation
dessicatiom, thoigt it should be bad, but its good.
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