BIO120H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Germ Plasm, Beagle, Special Creation

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13 Aug 2016
theory=body of knowledge known to be true, fact, overwhelming support and evidence for it
Darwin introduced idea of dynamism
Evolution has no purpose!!!
-one of the most challenging and controversial aspects
-has no forethought, just an inevitable outcome, no greater plan
Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck
-threw out special creation and first to use the term evolution
-didn’t quite get it right, linear not branching(darwin came up with the tree)
-mechanism is wrong because he thought the individual was changed by the environment and
then pass along those changes
-wrong because we are born and die with the same genes, false because populations
evolve not individuals
In giraffe pic, the giraffe is one individual, not multiple generations
Weismann came up with germ plasm
-information can’t pass from the somatic cells to the gametes
-proved Lamarck wrong
Darwin co-discovered natural selection-the true mechanism of evolution
at Cambridge-darwin liked natural history
-got the job on the beagle as the ship’s naturalist
returned from the beagle and accumulated evidence for 20 years so he would have plenty of
evidence to back it up
Wrote essay in 1844 on natural selection, but didn’t publish it
Wrote book in 1856, Wallace wrote an essay after being inspired by Darwins natural history
diary on the beagle, wallace sends him a manuscript, and darwin’s paper was presented at a
scientific convention by someone else, then darwin wrote the book
Origin of Species
name of Darwins book
2 key components-all have descended with modification from common ancestors and the major
agent of modification is natural selection
John S Henslow was a botanist from cambridge who influenced Darwin
find more resources at
find more resources at
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