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Lecture 1

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Jane Mitchell

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Lecture 2 Jan. 12/12
Introduction to Cells and Diversity (Part One)
Prokaryotic cells
No nuclear membrane (nuclei)
Nucleoid (mass of DNA)
Eubacteria and archaebacteria (archaea)
Archaea can survive extreme conditions
Eukaryotic cells
Nuclear membrane present
Nucleus (mass of DNA surrounded by membrane)
Single celled or multicellular
Endosymbiosis theorem (origins of mitochondria)
“When one organism lives inside of another”
Mitochondria used to be a separate bacteria cell
Developed a symbiotic relationship with ancestral eukaryotic cell
Ancestral cell ingested mitochondria, resulted in permanent evolutionary relationship
Theory applies to chloroplast as well
The Central Dogma
DNA RNA Proteins
DNA directs synthesis of protein and not the other way around
All linear chains of information
Transcription: DNA RNA
Translation: RNA Protein
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