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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Part 1

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Jane Mitchell

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Lecture 8 Feb. 16/12
Transcription (II, Eukaryotic)
Eukaryotic genetics
Most genes code for mRNA
Majority of RNA created is not mRNA
Differences from prokaryotic transcription
Contains introns and exons (segments of DNA)
Introns: transcribed, not translated (non-protein coding)
Exons: transcribed, may or may not be translated
DNA primary RNA transcript manipulation of RNA mRNA
Transcription occurs in nucleus
Use general transcription factors (group of proteins) instead of sigma factor
General transcription factors help position RNA polymerase at promoter
Deal with chromosomes
RNA polymerases (RNAPs)
RNA polymerase I: catalyzes rRNA transcription
RNA polymerase II: all protein-coding genes, mRNA
RNA polymerase II contains carboxy terminal domain (CTD) needed for transcription
RNA polymerase III: tRNA
Promoter sites (pre-initiation)
Upstream – negative value, nucleotide points before transcription initiation
Downstream – positive value, nucleotide points after transcription initiation
Transcription starts at +1 value, there is no 0 value
Promoter site: group of nucleotides that help position RNAPII for transcription
TATA box (promoter site)
Helps position RNA polymerase II at +1 site to start transcription
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