Second Half Lecture 1 Part 1

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25 Mar 2012
Lecture 1 Mar. 1/12
Cellular Form and Function
Important Cell Components
Animal Specific
Lysosome: Degrades unneeded cellular components
Extracellular matrix: Determines cell shape, development and cell adhesion
Cell adhesion: Ability to stick to other cells
Plant Specific
Chloroplast: used in photosynthesis
Vacuole: 1) Acts as animal lysosome
2) Stores small molecules/proteins
Cell wall: provides structural support
Cytoplasm: Content of the cell outside nucleus, includes all organelles except nucleus
Cytosol: Aqueous part of cytoplasm, does not include organelles, does include
proteins, ribosomes and cytoskeleton
Lumen: The inside of organelles, does not include nucleus
Cell membranes
Composed of: 1) Lipid bilayer
2) Membrane proteins
Lipid bilayer
Lipids composed of broad group of hydrophobic or amphiphilic molecules
Fats waxes, sterols, glycerides, phospholipids etc.
The bilayer is amphiphilic, collection of many different lipids
Hydrophobic polar head
Hydrophobic nonpolar tail
Most abundant component of lipid bilayer
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