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respiratory system 1

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CO2 in mouth = 0 > 0/100 X 747 – 47 = 0
Pressure in mouth PiCO2 = 0 mm hg
But mitochondria relaease C02 in mouth = 46 mm Hg
46 mm Hg move from blood stream into lung = 40 mm Hg >> mouth
46-40 mm Hg less than O2 = 60 mmHg
CO2 == magic molecule == move readily no need much pressure fr. Blood stream to lung
How we carry Co2 and O2 to brain?
Determine air composition of air we breath
Hoseutilized trapped there and draw sample of air in syringe use apparatus to determine gas 
last portion of air we breath is alveolar air similar in composition of gas in blood = 40 mmHg in
alveolar air.
Each of us set pt. of C02 hold CO2 and establish pressure : CO2 in alveolar vol. same to arterial
PACO2 = 40 mmHg (Alveolar pressure)
PaCO2 = 40 mmHg (Arterial)
Blood not perfect bec. Some blood passes to lungs.
Lung expand get air in surfactant released by alveolar cells that inc.distensibility of lung so
not too difficult for lung to open up and facilitates breathing w/out it serious situation
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