BIO220H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Herbivore, Anostraca, Phenotypic Plasticity

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7 Mar 2016
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BIO220H1 Full Course Notes
BIO220H1 Full Course Notes
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Apply knowledge to problems in health and disease. Phenotypes are the product of genes and the environment. The evolution of sexual differences & sexual interactions. For some organisms not much variation in sexes: differences between male and female humans smaller than differences in male and female chickens. Why would an individual do sthg bad for itself (sacrifice sthg for offspring) Why would we adapt senescence: seems maladaptive. Virulence (why are some diseases really bad and others and comparatively benign) Phenotypes are the product of genes and environment: behaviours are part of the phenotype, natural selection shapes the behaviours. Kinds of questions a physiologists might ask: how does individual carries out activity, what are the mechanisms that produce particular trait. Kinds of questions evolutionary biologists ask: why has animal evolved this trait, ultimate explanations for behaviours, we will focus here. Causal relationship between animal"s genes and its behaviour. Genes expressed that produces proteins that generate behaviour: this is the mechanistic explanation.