BIO230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cadherin, Epithelial Polarity, Neutrophil

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8 Dec 2017
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BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
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Bio230 lecture 3 - cell adhesion (oct 26) Cells are organized into one of two main tissue categories. Cells directly connected with minimal extracellular matrix beneath. Running through cells have blue cables (actin) Actin cables are connected from cell to cell through cell junction complexes. If pinch skin, cables resist that force = skin elasticity. Cells dispersed with extracellular matrix providing overall structure. Bears all the mechanical stresses + pressures on tissue. Ecm = long polymers of sugars and proteins deposited by cells but are outside of cells, fill up space. Ex: white blood cell likely found in ecm looking for bacteria, travels through ecm. Cells can reach through and grab these extracellular cables for traction to pull on substrate + move forward. Ecm less pronounced (usually just thin basal lamina) underlying sheet. Formed from ecm produced by cells distributed sparsely in matrix. Matrix bears most of mechanical stress to which tissue is subjected (not cells)