BIO230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Morphogen, Mast Cell, Netrin

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31 Jan 2018
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BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
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Epithelial tissue lines cavities, lines surfaces, and surrounds organs. Under the epithelial layer theres the basal lamina which is a specialized extracellular matrix. Under the basal lamina there is connective tissue, and in connective tissue theres lots of extracellular matrix. The (cid:272)(cid:455)toskeleto(cid:374)s i(cid:374) the epitheliu(cid:373) do(cid:374)"t go through each cell, they anchor in the junctions. The epitheliukm lines the lumen and the surface. Other cells can have junctions, but epithelial cells will definitely have all of these junctions, and they will have them in thi specific order. This is when the epithelium is fully developed. The a(cid:272)ti(cid:374) fila(cid:373)e(cid:374)ts a(cid:374)(cid:272)hor o(cid:374) the adhere(cid:374)s ju(cid:374)(cid:272)tio(cid:374)s, the(cid:455) do(cid:374)"t go through thr ju(cid:374)(cid:272)tio(cid:374), the(cid:455) they can transmit the stress to neighbouring cells. Tight junctions, adherens and desmosomes are involved in the junctional complex, they function together nicely. Adherens junctions can form an adhesion belt, which is adherens junctions all along that region between the 2 cells.