BIO230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Antisense Rna, Listeria Monocytogenes, Eukaryotic Translation

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14 Oct 2013
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BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
BIO230H1 Full Course Notes
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**notes only make sense when read alongside the lecture slides posted on blackboard** Chris garside scientists can examine the entire proteome of a cell. Rna can be different but that doesn"t necessarily mean that the protein will be different. because there are regulatory steps at so many levels. translational control very rapid. Aug codon is where translation will initiate shine-dalgarno required for efficient translation. it correctly positions aug codon in the ribosome. much of translational control mechanisms revolve around having access to shine-dalgarno sequence. Rna binding protein blocks access to sd sequence. translational repressor protein blocks access to sd sequence by binding to it how rna molecules can adapt secondary structures. by interacting with different sequences found in rna molecules. single stranded. Rna molecules fold up in elaborate ways to form base pairing. Rna interacting with itself at the stem. stem is red and blue (on slide)