BIO230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis, Dna Microarray, Transcriptome

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All known life forms possess a genome. Encodes the information to construct and maintain an organism. Release of the biological information stored in the genome requires genome expression. The first product of genome expression is the transcriptome. Transcriptome: the repertoire of rna molecules present in a cell at a particular time. The rna is the first product of extraction. Transcription: dna becomes rna by transcription with rna polymerase. The second product of g. e is the proteome. Proteome: the collection of proteins in a cell; define the biochemical functions of the cell. The proteome is maintained by the process of translation. Translation: rna is synthesized into proteins by ribosomes. Genome (dna) transcirptome (rna) proteome (protein) Red/green bars on a dna microarray show the various levels of expression or presence of certain subset of genes. 2d gel electrophoresis: distributed by molecular weight and ph. Different cell types of a multicellular organism contain the same genome.