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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Baker

Soon-yi – a marathon runner – 20 years old – had been training for 4 years- her best time was 10 minutes slower than the requirement- needs more training – 97 lb (44 kg) – during her training – she did 4 marathons (each 42 km) – practice schedules involved 3 things: – extended runs (>10 km) – shorter runs (5-10 km) – rest days – to rebuild the body fuel reserves for energy – Today = training day-shorter run – 6 am morning run along the beach – nothing to eat since last night 8 pm – ATP needed for muscle contraction – she has about 3mMATP in muscle cells – but her exercises are quickly using up this energy source-ATP hydroylysis needed for energy – ATP + H2O---ADP +Pi +H+ – How to maintain theATP reserves in order to continue onATP hydrolysis? – Creatine phosphate (25mM) in muscles now used to sustainATP levels at 3mM – this is performed by creating kinase (CK)- acts as a phosphate transfer group – PCr +ADP ----- ATP + Cr – recall this could be done only if the phosphate transfer group (PCr) has a greater negative number for ⌂G than gamma phosphate ofATP – eventually PCr levels decrease as well – Soon-yi needs more energy for her activity- so fuels must be broken down to sustainATP levels – Although she hasn't eaten since last night, she does have some blood glucose levels of 3.2 mM- not hypoglycemic -largely because of the liver glycogen – blood glucose enters her muscle cells by glucose transporters – they enter the cell by flowing down its concentration gradient through GLUT4 – glucose transporter – well more like a channel (** shouldn't be called a transporter)- down its concentration gradient – glucose coming from the blood can be used in the glycolysis proce
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