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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3 Amino Acids Purification and Analysis of Protein Composition Sequenceif the pH of the solution is less than the pKa value of the ionizable speciesthe amino acid will be protonatedif the pH of the solution is more than the pKathe ionizable species will be deprotonatedthere are 7 AMINO ACIDS with R groups that are ionizableTitration Curve of Glycinethere are no ionizable R groups in glycineglycine has 2 ionizable groups the alpha carboxyl group and the alpha amino acid2 ionizable group 2 buffering region 2 molar equivalentsat pH2100 of the protonated form of glycineTitration Curve for Histidinehistidine has 3 ionizable groups with pKas 2 6 and 10hisitdine has a pH of 63 ionizable R groups 3 pKas 3 buffering regionsIf the solutions pH6R group will be protonatedHistidine has 3 ionizable gAt a pH of 0 R group will have a positive charge and Histidine is 100 protonatedpKa1pKa for the alpha carboxyl grouppKa2pH of 6 Histidines pHpI of Histidine75 o pI takes the pKa value from either side where the species have a net charge of 0 o pI96275 o the average of the 2 pKa values around the species where net charge0pKa Values of Amino AcidspKa of carboxyl group 2pKa of alpha amino group9pKa of Arginines R group 125acharged amino acidpKa of Lysines R group 105acharged amino acidpKa of Aspartic Acids R group 39pKa of Cysteines R group 83pKa of Glutamic Acids R group 43pKa of Histidines R group 6 o near physiological pHcritical role in acidbase catalysis losegain protonspKa of Tyrosines R group 10Titration Curve for Glutamic AcidpIisoelectric point2423acidic amino acidWhat is the pH of a glutamic acid solution if the alpha carboxyl isdissociated
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