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lec28 soon-yi part 2 glycogenolysis

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Michael Baker

BIO210H1LECTURE 28Case Study Soonyi Part II Accessing Glycogen Stores1Glycogen2Glycogenolysis Role of Adrenaline and Glucagon3Glycogen Phosphorylase 4Differences Muscle vs LiverSoonYi II Beach RunningAccessing Glycogen StoresAs Soonyi begins to run over the sand her existing blood glucose cannot readily sustain muscle glycolysisoShe needs more fuel for glycolysis and her muscle glycogen will provide thisGlycogenGlycogena polymer of glucose is found in granules in muscle and liver cytoplasmoStore glucose to support sugar in muscle and liver Has 14 links as well as 16 branch pointsoStructurally similar to mylopectin but more branchedGlycogen is a polymer of glucose found in cytoplasm and in granules in muscle and liverBefore races marathon runners try to maximize muscle glycogen as this is very important fuel in muscleoEfficiency in running varies directly in amount of glycogen you can store in cells oTake up a lot of carbohydrates so you can get through the raceoMuscles are adapted in using different fuels at the same timeoHave to keep glycogen going until right at the end of race Fat is energy rich but efficiency goes down if just using fatoMust use it strategically Soonyi has not eaten for 10 hours as her blood glucose level dips she releases two hormones into her bloodoIf blood sugar goes down body respondsAutonomic response comes from hormones1
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